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Technical Datasheet of Isopropyl Acetate

Product Name: Isopropyl Acetate

Molecular formula: C5H10O2

Molecular mass: 102.13

CAS No.: 108-21-4

Product Features:

Isopropyl Acetate is a kind of liquid which smells fruit, has no color and easy to be lighted. The speed of its vaporization is fast. It could be dissolved with ethanol,ketone,aether and other solvents, so is called to“omnipotent solvent”. And it owns good ability of dissolution for some compound colophony and crude colophony.

Product Use:

Used for solvent of coating

Used for dehydrating agent of acetic acid

Used for medical industry

Used for tobacco industry

Used for high-end printing ink

As the Isopropyl Acetate owns the features of smelling good, the high ability of dissolution,the volatility is between EAC and BAC, it could be specially used in high-end coating. As the volatility of some specific high-end printing inks are fast and the smell of BAC would remain there, isopropyl Acetate is a good solvent for those high-end printing ink. Compared with
selective coefficient of its dehydration with many solvents, isopropyl has big advantage and could be used broadly in Vinylon industry as it becomes azeotropic matter together with water.
Owing to its matching between dissolution and speed of volatility, it could be used in medicine and pesticide. And isopropyl mixes with some solvents could be used in manufacturing of drags.
Product Quality

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