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EEP (Ethyl 3–Ethoxypropionate)

   EEP (Ethyl 3–Ethoxypropionate)is new type of solvent , which developed with new technology in 2013 . We specialized in producing EEP for automotive paint industries and silk screen printing ink industries. These include excellent flow & leveling and super fixation when compared with other similar products. It provides low odor and high purity, and gives novel technology and low cost etc .

Physical and Chemical Properties




Water content


Alcohol content


Acid value





Application Characteristics:
   EEP solvent (Ethyl3–Ethoxypropionate) is a slow evaporating ether ester with excellent solvency for a wide range of coating use. Ether ester group, linear structure with propionyl group in the molecule gives the unique properties ,such as: slow evaporation rate, good resistent in baking application, high solvency for a wide range of polymers, low solution viscosity, excellent solvent release, exceptional flow and leveling with a wide range of coatings. In addition, the features also include: moderate odor, low surface tension, high electrical resistance. It prevents the silver power from coarsening, turning yellow and darkening.

Main application:
   It is mainly used in automotives coating ( OEM and Refinish), marine paint, household electrical appliances coatings, screen Printing Ink, other printing ink sand graphic products, slow drying solvent in high class inks, and also for the microelectronics industry (Diluents).


 Galvanized iron drum, 198 kg/barrel, 190 kg/barrel.

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